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CJ Sagorski
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    Since 1988 it has been a sincere pleasure to have served the photography needs of the Tampa Bay community. Fulfilling the needs of my clients and providing the highest quality photography have always been my major concern.

   In retaining my services, rest assured that whether the job is for a billion dollar corporation or a young couple on their wedding day client satisfaction and capturing images that represent the moment with class and artistry are what you can always expect.

   It is with years of experience and the highest level of professionalism that all assignment are undertaken. It is my goal to see that every client receives a product that exceeds their highest expectations, that is why my services come with a satisfaction guarantee!

   Please consider all of the above mentioned when deciding on who to choose for your photographic needs as the one thing that will never change is the fact that you deserve the best quality, service and professionalism. Why not use a photographer who has built a career on those very principles?

 Thank You for the Courtesy,
 C.J. Sagorski